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Short Term Stays

A Welcoming Sojourn: Short Term Stays at Harbor Oaks

A Taste of Heartfelt Hospitality

Discover the warmth and compassion of our community with our Short Term Stay offerings. Experience first-hand the nurturing environment and exceptional care that defines Harbor Oaks Golden Years, even just for a fleeting time.

What Can One Experience During a Short Term Stay?

During a Short Term Stay, guests can savor a slice of the Harbor Oaks lifestyle. From participating in our range of activities to enjoying our dining and leisure facilities, guests are brought into the heart of our vibrant community.

How Does Short Term Stay Reflect Our Care and Environment?

Even on a temporary basis, we extend the same level of compassionate care to our short-term guests as we do for our long-term residents. Guests are welcomed into a nurturing environment that mirrors the comfort of home.

Who are Short Term Stays Ideal for?

Short Term Stays are perfect for those considering a move to Harbor Oaks, those needing temporary supportive housing, or families requiring respite care. It provides a valuable trial period and a fully immersive experience.

The Advantages of Short Term Stays at Harbor Oaks

• Sample the Harbor Oaks Lifestyle
Our Short Term Stay offering is an excellent way to experience the lifestyle that Harbor Oaks champions. It’s a tantalizing glimpse into a community vibrant with activity, united by shared experiences, and infused with warmth and compassion.

• Transition with Ease
For those contemplating joining our community, a Short Term Stay can help facilitate a smooth and comfortable transition. It provides a valuable opportunity to become acquainted with our community, services, and culture.

Become a Part of Our Story

Immerse in Moments of Warmth with Harbor Oaks

Experiencing is believing. With our Short Term Stay program, you have the opportunity to witness first-hand the vibrant, nurturing environment of Harbor Oaks Golden Years. Step into our community for a brief tenure and discover how we can meet your needs, enrich your life, and create a sense of home. Connect with us today and explore the enriching experience of becoming a part of Harbor Oaks, even just for a short while.